Samstag Sales is offering this Gedore 31 K 16 Friction ratchet handle without insert ring, 16" long handle. Inside diameter approximately 45.6 mm For shock repair. Made in Germany. Customers add a split aluminum sleeve and use it to hold a shock for repair. Other sizes available.. CARTHAGE, TN 37030 (615) 735-3388
Carl Walter 9785 car electrical tester. Made from brass with a protective cap. It has a sharp 10mm long tip. Good for old 6-24 volt car electrical systems, like found on old Volkswagens. Not for checking electronic components. Do NOT use on 110Volt house wiring! http://www.samstagsales.com/carl_walter.htm#9785. Can ship Priority US mail $6.99. CARTHAGE, TN 37030 (615) 735-3388
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